Wow, busy, busy, busy…

My latest large project was for SIMGA Aerospace, who attended and participated in the Regional Aviation Association of Australia (RAAA) Meeting & Convention on 10-12 October 2012, at Palmer Resort Coolum (formerly Hyatt Regency Coolum) Coolum QLD Australia. Sigma Aerospace was a Silver Sponsor at the event

The Regional Aviation Association of Australia (RAAA) Meeting & Convention is highly regarded as a premier annual aviation event and attracts key industry leaders, regional operators, technical experts, manufacturers and suppliers. CASA, the government and other regulatory bodies are well represented and contribute significantly to the program. Importantly, the event is open to members and non-members providing a tremendous benefit to the industry as a whole.

I had the great pleasure working with Matthew Wheatley, the Director at Sigma Aerospace and together we managed to produce their booth display, marketing collateral and advertising on time.

I started off designing a few concepts for the Waveline display to go at the back of the booth along with a table stand (this look and feel was going to be the basis of what all the other collateral was going continue like). Once the original concept was progressing on the right track, we finalised the design of the Waveline display and sent that off urgently for print.

To go along with the booth display Sigma Aerospace also had a LCD TV to give a brief overview of the company, its products, services and contact information. I created this in Powerpoint with animations and effects, so it could be played or various media devices without any hassles.

Staff from Sigma Aerospace who working at the convention also had various marketing collateral for any interested parties. A presentation folder was designed and printed to be able to house the loose-leaf double-sided A4 flyers.

Event Flyers were also designed and printed to be put in the event bags that are distributed on entry to the convention.

Working on the project with Matthew was a great pleasure. He was always very responsive and quick and knew what he wanted and liked, which made my designing our communication together a smooth process.

If you would like any further information or have an event that you would like any help with, please contact us for a free quote.

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An exciting project for any designer… Free range creativity…

I had the pleasure of designing a 3rd Birthday Party Invitation. The brief ‘Dorothy the Dinosaur’. My first thoughts, I could handle this, i have a three year old who likes Dorothy the Dinosaur, should be fun. And fun it was, i did a little more research into Dorothy the Dinosaur, and I soon learnt she was apart of ‘The Wiggles’ and she loved Rosy Tea.

So this is where my inspirations began – Pink, roses, gardens, pretty and girly. I provided the client with three very different alternatives to choose from.

Then we made slight alterations, added the correct details and a drew a female chipmunk to symbolise the venue. I arranged all printing and delivery, to ease any pressure and time constraints on the client.

If you have any event or party coming up and would love to have a personalised invitation designed, that you cannot get off the shelf, then please do not hesitate to contact us

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I’ve been hard at work to complete my next project. Introducing…

Make Safety Work is a new start up business and I had the pleasure working with them to help build the business for the creative aspects. As you can see his new logo above, it is designed to stand out and be impactful and representing the Safety aspect as a main feature.
I had created a few concepts….

and we collaborated together with various minor changes and tweaks…

till we got to the client led MSW as we know it today.

Make Safety will be launching themselves at an upcoming MINExpo International Conference in Las Vegas, therefore I also got the opportunity to do some Promotional Material for them too.

We’ve just completed our latest part of the project – the website – and are excited that the is now live and ready to go! This site was officially launched on September 13, 2012 as a Stage 1 = web presence low promotion and is a period of presence/testing/loading. But there is still a lot to be done and as the saying goes, it is a journey not a destination…. where have I heard that before? Stage two is the content explosion and the client will be doing a lot of talking/research/relationship building in the upcoming months to develop this, and then stage 3 will be the site functionality phase and the client has some good ideas to start with but would again appreciate any input.

Our Client, is a noted authority in the field of Health, Safety & Environment Advisors and their site is a great attraction for others in the field and business that need that next step in developing their safety procedures on site. MSW have clients that are all over the world – literally. Their goal for this website is to build a community where other companies can come and learn, and help making the working community a safer place.
Working with Make Safety Work (MSW) has been a pleasure and they was very gracious in giving us creative latitude to be able to create an awesome site for them.

Do you need help with your next website? Get in touch with us – we’d love to talk with you about your project!

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Have you ever wondered how much brand we look at every minute of the day and don’t even notice it anymore? Think, every product we use or wear has a brand to it. Brand is so important and can be so powerful!
My day in logos (so far).

My mobile phone alarm wakes me up.

I stumble over to the coffee machine (which also doubles as an alarm clock and drink one from our large selection we always have in stock in the cupboards (my husband is just as addicted and can’t function without either).

Turn on my mac and make sure the internet is still there

Gota love my awesome Magic Mouse. I’d go nuts without this thing.

Shower time!

I know its kinda strange, but I love my simple stuff and it smells AMAZING!

Time to smell good!

Brush Brush Brush

Getting Dressed – Oops I’m kind of plain and boring…

Drive child to Day care

Popped into the store and grabbed a few top-ups

Gotta get a second dose of coffee – Large please!

Back home to work… gota love my apple computer!

gota make sure all my tweeps know what i’m doing every single minute of every day!

Set my blog to auto post this morning

Read some of the latest Smashing magazine blogs and updates

Stopped for lunch – Yummy soup, I am loving the Asian flavours at the moment.

I was frustrated with my crappy printer not being compatible with Lion and having to go onto the PC to print.

End of the working day, time to tune out and not notice the bombardment of branding…
Logo count for the day: 25 so far.

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