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Have you ever wondered how much brand we look at every minute of the day and don’t even notice it anymore? Think, every product we use or wear has a brand to it. Brand is so important and can be so powerful!
My day in logos (so far).

My mobile phone alarm wakes me up.

I stumble over to the coffee machine (which also doubles as an alarm clock and drink one from our large selection we always have in stock in the cupboards (my husband is just as addicted and can’t function without either).

Turn on my mac and make sure the internet is still there

Gota love my awesome Magic Mouse. I’d go nuts without this thing.

Shower time!

I know its kinda strange, but I love my simple stuff and it smells AMAZING!

Time to smell good!

Brush Brush Brush

Getting Dressed – Oops I’m kind of plain and boring…

Drive child to Day care

Popped into the store and grabbed a few top-ups

Gotta get a second dose of coffee – Large please!

Back home to work… gota love my apple computer!

gota make sure all my tweeps know what i’m doing every single minute of every day!

Set my blog to auto post this morning

Read some of the latest Smashing magazine blogs and updates

Stopped for lunch – Yummy soup, I am loving the Asian flavours at the moment.

I was frustrated with my crappy printer not being compatible with Lion and having to go onto the PC to print.

End of the working day, time to tune out and not notice the bombardment of branding…
Logo count for the day: 25 so far.