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I’ve been hard at work to complete my next project. Introducing…

Make Safety Work is a new start up business and I had the pleasure working with them to help build the business for the creative aspects. As you can see his new logo above, it is designed to stand out and be impactful and representing the Safety aspect as a main feature.
I had created a few concepts….

and we collaborated together with various minor changes and tweaks…

till we got to the client led MSW as we know it today.

Make Safety will be launching themselves at an upcoming MINExpo International Conference in Las Vegas, therefore I also got the opportunity to do some Promotional Material for them too.

We’ve just completed our latest part of the project – the website – and are excited that the is now live and ready to go! This site was officially launched on September 13, 2012 as a Stage 1 = web presence low promotion and is a period of presence/testing/loading. But there is still a lot to be done and as the saying goes, it is a journey not a destination…. where have I heard that before? Stage two is the content explosion and the client will be doing a lot of talking/research/relationship building in the upcoming months to develop this, and then stage 3 will be the site functionality phase and the client has some good ideas to start with but would again appreciate any input.

Our Client, is a noted authority in the field of Health, Safety & Environment Advisors and their site is a great attraction for others in the field and business that need that next step in developing their safety procedures on site. MSW have clients that are all over the world – literally. Their goal for this website is to build a community where other companies can come and learn, and help making the working community a safer place.
Working with Make Safety Work (MSW) has been a pleasure and they was very gracious in giving us creative latitude to be able to create an awesome site for them.

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